Flip all the tiles to be one color, but be careful -- the adjacent tiles based on the given pattern will also flip!


  • WASD or Arrow Keys - Move Cursor
  • R - Rotate pattern
  • Spacebar - Execute flip/advance screen


This is our second Trijam and our fourth or fifth Game Jam in general. We had a lot of fun ideating on mechanics, themes, and potential twists. This was an unusual project for us because it required very strong art direction, which made for an interesting challenge with the strict time limit of the Trijam. The code is pretty dirty looking, but it seems to work without any major crashes or bugs. In the final twenty minutes we managed to find, edit, and apply sound effects and background music which we feel really brings up the overall polish. We recognize that the tile flip animation is incomplete and needs more work, but given the other more pressing art requirements, making six additional keyframes of animation was sadly out of scope.

The plan is to develop this small prototype into a full featured game. this was originally built for Trijam 154, but due to the tight time constraints, we were only able to make one puzzle functional.

The first goal of future development will be to fix the missing keyframes in the tile flip animation. After that, we hope to implement additional levels and explore the core concept by adding additional patterns and alternative cursor behaviors.

Time Spent:

Cloud Puppy Games:

  • Andrew Bowers (Cmdr3nder) - ideation, programming, integration
  • Anna Bowers (Dreamsprite) - ideation, art, music sourcing and editing, typesetting, layout

External Assets:


  • Godot (game engine)
  • Aseprite (pixel art studio)
  • Audacity 3.0 (audio editing)
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsCmdr3nder, dreamsprite
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


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This is great idea, I liked this game :)

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Great idea but it would be more challenging if you're next to the edge it would rotate 3 tiles not 2, like 1 before in the line or 1 on the opposite edge.

Did it seriously win!? it took me 1.5 minutes to win

I really liked this game and it has an interesting puzzle.