YOU are the game master! Shepherd the CPU player through an adventure of your own design.

Enter descriptions and details into the text area and submit them to get the CPU player's response. Make sure you balance their enjoyment of the game. Don't frustrate them too much with denials, dead ends, or walls of text!

We'd love to see what kind of stories you tell with this game. Feel free to copy-paste the stories into comments on the game. Also any stories you build with this are owned by you.

All responses are generated using rules-based code written by hand. No LLMs or AIs were harmed (used) in the making of this game.


Cloud Puppy Games

  • Programming - Andrew Bowers
  • Art - Anna Bowers



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you awake in a tavern

> turn left

to your left is the barmaid

> enter it

uh oh. Very funny concept.

OH MY GOD That is hilarious!